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Dicky Johnson’s Misadventures Streets

For Immediate Release

July 19, 2017

Los Angeles: Michelle Austin Films and exclusive distributor VIP Digital Media have released Dicky Johnson’s Misadventures. The movie follows the pansexual, award winning trans star (2016 TEA FTM Performer of Year) in his own collection.

Dicky Johnson is one of the sexiest trans men out there doing his own thing and loves to get kinky and wild with all types of people. In this collection you will see him getting it on with cis male performers, trans male performers and trans female performers. Including the 2016 Best FTM Scene Winner with Trixxy Von Tease. Dicky Johnson’s Misadventures Co-stars: Michelle Austin, Parker Reed, Tristen Matthews, Luke Harding, and Trixxy Von Tease. Directed by Ames Bexxx and myself.” said Michelle Austin.

According to Dicky Johnson, “Releasing my first DVD to my fans and for the chance of many others discovering me is a great opportunity. My goal since starting the FTM stuff with Michelle is to make the FTM niche bigger and better. I think our DVD’s helps to bring more to the market. I also love to just have some hot fun on film. What I do on film, is what I do in real life!”

VIP Digital Media sales manager David Peskin added, “Dicky started his career appearing in Buck Angel’s Sexing The Transman 2, but it wasn’t until Michelle Austin casted him in her Trans Men Adventures 2 that changed his career. Right after that they launched his solo site DickyJohnson.com and followed by their site FTM.xxx. He is the co-owner of Kennston Entertainment and talent manager for FTM.xxx.”

“I have learned that the FTM genre is in many ways an untapped market. The FTM customer base appeals to transsexuals, bisexual men and women. There has really only been a few performers in this category for many years. There is a wide variety of FTM talent out there with a huge following thru social media, that no top studios have shot. Michelle and Dicky are utilizing this new talent and introducing them to DVD and broadcast to the delight of the consumers. It has been a long time coming. Our sales are proving that FTM product like this has been void in the market for so long.” he also said.

Retailers can view the Dicky Johnson’s Misadventures trailer Here

Both companies announced at press time, Michelle Austin Films next release; Eddie Wood is………The Squirting Man will street next week.


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T-Boy Strokers 3 Streets


For Immediate Release

July 5, 2017

Los Angeles: Michelle Austin Films and exclusive distributor VIP Digital Media have released their third installment into the T-Boy Strokersfranchise. Featuring the hottest trans men (female to male) in solo scenes masturbating with toys or their hands.

T-Boy Strokers 3, directed by Michelle Austin and DIcky Johnsonfeatures rising stars Phoenix SavageTyler St. SynMarc Dean, Roman Stone and veteran star Kipp Slinger. Watch all these amazing guys tell you a little bit about themselves before they get naked and stroke their man clits and fuck their man pussies. T-Boy Strokers series is a great way to introduce porn lovers into the FTM market, as the saying goes… “Some guys have pussies!” You will find out why these guys are going to make you get off and cum with them! Bonus features include photo gallery and trailers.” said VIP Digital Media sales manager Dave Peskin.

Michelle Austin Films is a trans owned, trans run company that is part of the KennstonBrand. They feature trans people in starring and directing roles and love to tackle subject matters that the industry doesn’t! More information on Michelle Austin Films can be found at michelleaustinfilms.com and kennston.com.

According to director Michelle Austin, “When we launched FTM.xxx, i knew I wanted it to be modeled after tgirl sites like Shemale Yum and Shemale Strokers. When we decided to release a collection of T-Boys on dvd, I knew I wanted to play off what the tgirl market was doing. Some people say the guys are not stroking but reality is, they are and they enjoy doing it and showing off. We love that we can bring the world the hottest collection of boys to enjoy!”

 Michelle Austin Films next release, Dicky Johnson’s Misadventures is scheduled to street this week.

 Retailers can view all of Michelle Austin Films titles here.

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Stroking Alone 2 Streets

For Immediate Release

June 16, 2017


Los Angeles: Stroking Alone 2 follows up Michelle Austin’s 2014 VOD Stroking Alone. Showcasing the AVN & TEA 2017 Nominated star solo in various scenes like the kitchen, outdoors, bedroom and garage. Stroking her Tgirl cock in 4K which brings Michelle a lot closer to you. Also, the new DVD features a bonus scene with rising cis male star Kai Bailey in a hardcore scene with an amazing ending that you have to see to believe. This collection shows that Michelle, after 7 years in the business, she is still on the top of her game.


“I love doing solo videos, my fans love solo videos and earlier this year when a fan asked me to start giving the fans 4K, I listened. I listen to the things they want and now having my work actually appear on DVD and in stores thru VIP Digital Media, means more of my fans can access my work in various ways. It also allows for new fans to see someone like myself in a film that brings out great body positivity and good sex! I love talking to the camera as the fan is the camera and bring them in, in every solo scene I do.”- Michelle Austin


Michelle Austin Films is a trans owned, trans run company that is part of the KennstonBrand. They feature trans people in starring and directing roles and love to tackle subject matters that the industry doesn’t! More information on Michelle Austin Films can be found at michelleaustinfilms.com and kennston.com.


“It is an honor and privilege to get to work with Michelle and Kennston, for them allowing me to follow my dreams in directing. Michelle is someone the world should see. As she shows a positive light on body image in trans adult market. She is great to work with and allows me to direct her in a beautiful way. I can’t wait for our future projects together!”- director Tyler St. Syn


According to VIP Digital Media sales manager Dave Peskin, “Stroking Alone 2 is our third release from Michelle Austin Films. Over the years I have only sold a couple of titles like this, meaning solo TS and featuring one girl. They sold great! This title has done the same. Michelle has worked hard to build a large and very loyal customer base for many years. The re-orders on the first two titles, and sales on this newest release surely reflect there is a very large niche market for her product. In addition, Michelle and the entire team at Kennston have been an absolute joy to work with.”


Both Companies announced at press time; the next releases T-Boy Strokers 3 and Dicky Johnson’s Misadventures with both street within the next few weeks.

Retailers can glimpse the ‘Stroking Alone 2’ Trailer by visitinghttps://tinyurl.com/StrokingAlone2-Trailer


For Domestic and Foreign sales for DVD, VOD, Broadcast and Licensing call or email David Peskin at 818-709-8200 or DaveP@VipDigitalMedia.com


Michelle Austin Films- VIP Digital Disto Deal

For Immediate Release
May 3, 2017

Los Angeles: Michelle Austin Films and VIP Digital Media came to terms on a five year distribution deal. They are teaming up to bring the Michelle Austin Films and Kennston brand to the masses. In this deal MA Films will be officially releasing their older titles at catalogue price along with brand new titles.

“Michelle Austin Films and Kennston have been around in the industry for years now and are doing amazing things for the trans niche. In 2014 they launched their first FTM (female to male trans) Trans Men Adventures. Since then they have launched numerous titles that feature trans men in them. Owners Michelle Austin and Dicky Johnson strive hard to bring some hot porn with trans men and women. In 2015 they launched their all FTM site http://FTM.xxx which is riding on a high, updating every month with new talent. MA Films has been nominated for AVN, XBIZ, TEA’s and Feminist Porn Awards with their films and website.”

“Dicky and I have been trying to get a distribution deal for over a year now. We have our DVD’s in a few stores which we self distribute. However everywhere we go stores tell us they want more FTM content but because we didn’t have an exclusive distributor, its hard to get into many stores. This deal will change the game for us and allow us to make more films. We plan to be more outside the box and creative in what the future holds.” said Co-Owner Michelle Austin

“I couldn’t be happier to make the porn I have been dying to see. As I move more behind the camera in directing, this distribution deal will allow me to do more of the things I have been wanting to do. I know the fans would love to walk into their local adult store and find our titles and now we will be able to give them that access. Trans men are about to change the trans niche and we are going to be the company that does it!” added Co-owner Dicky Johnson.

According to VIP Digital Media sales manager David Peskin, “Doing this distribution deal with Michelle and Dicky to exclusively distribute Michelle Austin Films product was an absolute no brainer for Lynton and I. I actually got to know both Michelle and Dicky over the years at the Trade Shows and Award Shows. At each Award Show, their titles were always up for Awards.”

“We all know how big the TS market is. F2M seems to be a major void. There just isn’t enough quality product in this niche. When you add to it, story line features and documentary’s – Michelle Austin Films offers a unique product for consumers of multiple genre’s.” Peskin added.

At press time, both companies announced that the first two titles street this week. They are ‘Transcest: An Unreal Family Tale’ which stars; Michelle Austin, Eddie Wood and Shiri Trap. Directed by Roald Blunt and ‘Trans Men Adventures’ which stars Michelle Austin, James Darling, Fritz Von Fuckup, Chance Armstrong, and Parker Reed. Directed by James Darling.

They will be followed by Stroking Alone 2 and ‘50 Shades Of A Tranny: A Porn Documentary’ the recent 2017 Toronto International Porn Festival winner. Peskin urges buyers to Pre-Order ’50 Shades Of A Tranny: A Porn Documentary’ now. Both titles will street the end of this month.

Retailers can view the box covers and trailers for new releases ‘Transcest: An Unreal Family Tale’ and ‘Trans Men Adventures’ by visiting http://tinyurl.com/MichelleAustinFilms

Transcest – An Unreal Family Tale – Front Cover Trans Men Adventures – Front Cover

For Domestic and Foreign sales for DVD, VOD, Broadcast and Licensing call or email David Peskin at 818-709-8200 or DaveP@VipDigitalMedia.com



Transcest Out Now

Transcest_frontFor Immediate Release:

Houston, TX: Michelle Austin Films and Kennston Productions release their first movie of the year, Transcest: An Unreal Family Story. The title says it all.

This year Michelle Austin Films and Kennston Productions wanted to start off with a bang! They are shooting all their content in 4K, trying to do more story based movies, along with all their other content. Transcest is the first full length movie of its kind in the trans niche. It’s the first time we see a trans family (unreal of course) interact on film together in this fun play on family affairs. The whole idea of the film is while the father is away on business, the step-mom has to deal with her bratty step-kids, but this time she takes matters into her own hands to earn their respect. Not knowing the kids have already started their own thing between themselves,  they all collide together. Also, trans is normal in this film, it is never discussed why the boys have vaginas and girls have penises. Starring Michelle Austin, Eddie Wood and Shiri Trap; directed by Roald Blunt.

“The idea for this whole thing came together with the collaboration of Shiri, Eddie and myself. We see straight movies always tackling the step-mom/daughter/son thing but in trans porn you rarely see that. This year our company really wants to do more out of the box things and grow our fanbase. I think we are going to start it off right with Transcest. I am very proud of this project.” –owner/star Michelle Austin.

Michelle Austin Films in collaboration with Kennston Productions has been making trans films featuring FTM (trans men) for the past two years. You can order a copy of Transcest at michelleaustinfilms.com and wholesale orders at kennston.com/adult. Coming soon to VOD sites.


FTM Hunter Starts Production

FTMHunterPromoHollywood, CA– Michelle Austin Films starts production on their first feature film FTM Hunter, starring Michelle Austin in the lead. Written by Michelle Austin and Eddie Wood. Directed by Roald Blunt.

Synopsis of the film:

Michelle Austin is depressed and upset after her break up with her longterm boyfriend . She internalizes the loss of the relationship and can’t stop looking at the porn they made together. Out of sheer desperation comes her obsession with trans men. She seeks them out on the internet and starts obsessing over them to the point she stalks them out in person. She eventually fucks them and after she fucks them they turn up missing.

Movie set to release in early 2017 and starring some stars and some newbies!